mr mavica

These self portraits are built using raw materials gathered through a digital mavica.

sometimes the force of the light spilling from my head distorts my fingers

.Looking rough, Jeremy. The bar of bright light is a strip light run through a dozen distorts and filters, the light spilling from my head is a fake lense-flare, again distorted.

i occasionally travel in my astral body

.One of the standard trick shots on this camera is negative, though the powdery strangeness of the shot is filters. The shirt is green.

i have been known to indulge in binary fission

.Reflection tricks like this are harder than they look. I particularly like the double spot of light where my eyes are pulling apart.

i can rebuild my body from common household dust

. The (main) filter is called sand.

i can bend pens with the power of my nail polish

.No trickery involved; the pen actually is bent. I found it that way. My hands are suggestive of a bad night in finishing a strip the night before.

my eyes have seen the glory

.My favourite filter of all is glowing edges. It is tacky, cliched and sinister. Nice shot, too, considering it (all these, in fact) was taken blind.

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