macrodoodle muddle

Producing the doodles

These doodles were all produced at work, usually during meetings or while on the phone. Little thought is involved; I am quite able to concentrate on other things while doodling like this, in fact in some ways it helps, because I'm looking at something which requires pretty much no thought, I listen quite hard while doodling. This is quite distinct to drawing, scripting, or cartooning. If I'm doing that, especially in a meeting, I'm not going to be listening to anything! Possibly this distinction is only visible from the inside of my skull.

Photographing the doodles

The doodles were photographed using a Mavica FD75. Light is the ambient light in the room (anti-glare fluorescent lighting plus morning sunshine through a small window). The Mavica's happy with distances of 1-3cm providing I give it time to focus and the light level's high enough, so that's how close I am to the doodles, photographing them. They are reproduced here far larger than they were drawn, typically an enlargement of 400-500%.


They didn't need much. I photographed them at 640x480, so there's been a bit of a shrink, and they came in at a slightly lower light-level than I like, so they've been brightened, sharpened and smoothed but not in a particularly clever way, just your basic scrub-up.

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